Taking into account the collaborators of the MBA Tour Bogot√° 2015 These were the most interested companies:

  • Banking and finance
  • Consulting Services
  • Consumer goods
  • Oil and gas and mining.

The main sectors where MBA graduates plan to work are:

  • Management Consulting
  • Investment and commercial banking
  • Consumer products and high technology (computing and data communication).

How to know if “that of the MBA” is or not for You

The MBA is the name with which you know the postgraduate learning of a master in Business administration and, currently, it is one of the titles that more benefits can give to an individual in his professional development in this area.

Perhaps during his undergraduate studies and as he learns more about the place where he works, he once crossed with this type of MBA mastery that is totally different from the other postgraduate studies, thanks to his demand and unique focus on management issues. and economy.

This tends to be more common in businesses that are currently growing a lot, thinking about exporting, having international or multinational trades; Because they require prepared individuals who can know very well the risks and economic, financial and regulatory situations and, with this, make the most convenient decisions for their company, that is, what course they can take or which businesses they should accept or Reject.

That’s why subjects who want to have a career projection in this type of field can consider this option as an opportunity for growth and professional development.

What qualities are needed?

This can be a sufficiently specific program and oriented to the growth of certain skills that need to be encouraged for the administration and the businesses, so it is more advisable that an applicant for this postgraduate should have clear his post-MBA goals.

“This will help you plan how to achieve your degree and career path that you want to follow to complete the program. Applicants must be focused, motivated and have strong communication skills. They must also have leadership skills and work together, “indicated the expert Von Loesecke.


Existing MBA types

Although this training is usually grouped under the acronyms MBA, there are different modalities of courses:

  • MBA executive. They are made for executives who want to improve their training in business without leaving work. It is obligatory to have a university degree and to certify between 2 and 5 years of practice in executive positions.
  • MBA International. This program is organized so that the learning and the practices can be carried out in different countries. For this reason, an advanced level of languages must be accredited.
  • Full-time or partial MBA. Each student decides what charge workload can assume. You can also choose between in-person or distance mode.