There is a point in your life that you need a postgraduate, so in this Post I inform you of the characteristics of an MBA and if it is the best decision for you.

Once you finish your professional career and start your working life is necessary to raise goals of personal growth, not satisfied with a good job in a company that tomorrow will not be the same, plus you have to bear in mind that with the conditions  Economy through which the country you live in and the difficult working conditions, which are emerging every day, make ascending or having a better salary is more complex.

The challenges are not few. Not only is it about having the experience and skills, because when it comes to climbing the postgraduate studies will certainly help you to point out the difference with your competitors in a job interview. Regardless of your profession doing a master’s degree, at present, is more a requirement than a luxury. That’s why professionals start looking for the best option.

The MBA is the name with which the postgraduate study of a master’s degree in Business Administration is known is a professional qualification, whose techniques of study and teaching are directed to the practical application, in a similar way to the titles of law. With an MBA graduates have a wide range of business knowledge that can not always be achieved through other titles.

According to the GMAC 2015 corporate Recruiters Survey, the initial average salary for subjects with MBA degrees in 2015 was $10,000 dollars per year. Aspiring MBA candidates can expect an increase of up to $45,000 dollars annually in front of their colleagues with undergraduates who have an average, initial salary of 55000 dollars.

Benefits that represent an MBA

According to Peter von Loesecke, CEO of the MBA Tour “It is very favorable for entrepreneurs who require understanding of all aspects of their business” and incorporates the following advantages:

  • Evolve in your career: Although all graduate degrees are designed to evolve education, the focus of an MBA is to advance a person’s career specifically. MBA candidates can create stable business bases while at the same time focusing on improving specific skills needed to increase their professional performance.
  • Obtain more: The average income of those with the MBA degree was $100,000 dollars in 2015 (Source: GMAC). 90% of MBA graduates in 2015 reported that they had experienced significant growth in their salaries after performing this type of mastery.
  • MBA’s have the capacity to be supported by their employers: many employers who support the development of their employees in their careers are willing to finance their employees ‘ MBA studies with the promise that they will return to work in the company , it will advance and bring the skills it obtained, to the place of work.
  • Entrepreneurship: For those looking to start their own business, an MBA is the preferred title to obtain the business education required to manage a business, manage personnel and expand their network of contact. The opportunity to relate during an MBA has no similarity and most of them get their titles with a new business partner.
  • Extend your network: As we have already quoted, one of the most interesting aspects of an MBA experience is to extend the contact network. Networking is a very important factor in all the graduate schools of business, people come from all over the world to take an MBA course and create relationships with their peers that go beyond the classroom, becoming friendships for a lifetime , business relations and connections.
  • Business capacity and leadership: An MBA is focused on creating fundamental business skills while forming the new generation of leaders.
  • Job security and demand: Graduates of an MBA are wanted in any market, whether in the financial sector, in the administration of non-profit-making entities, marketing or other fields. Employers consider this title extremely valuable and know that those who obtain it are trustworthy and successful employees.